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Tasting Your Way Through Philadelphia Neighborhoods

The City of Brotherly Love is one of the most exciting places to visit in all of the United States. This historical city is divided into distinct neighborhoods, and it seems that each one is known for something delicious. In addition to being the birthplace of our nation, Philadelphia is the premier destination for succulent foods. Below, we will provide a guide to tasting your way through one of the biggest cities in the country. When you visit Philadelphia, be prepared for one of the most mouthwatering experiences you have ever had!

South Philadelphia

South Philadelphia is a large, mostly residential neighborhood. In areas such as Queen Village, Bella Vista, Graduate Hospital, and Passyunk Square, there is no shortage of Italian restaurants serving home-cooked pasta, meats, and seafood.
Diners are prominent in South Philadelphia, so start your day by having a cheese omelet at the Melrose Diner, or perhaps French toast at the Penrose Diner. Classic breakfast selections are only the beginning. Diners in Philadelphia are famous for
their bakery sections, so save room for some of the best muffins, danishes, cookies, cakes, and pies you’ve ever had.
Later in the day, try places such as Ralphs, The South Philly Bar & Grill, or Marra’s for lunch or dinner and prepare to be delighted. The South 9th Street Italian Market is the center of it all, consisting of ten blocks of bakeries, butcher shops, and specialty food stores. It is at the Italian Market that you’ll find two of the restaurants that serve the sandwich that Philadelphia is famous for, the cheesesteak. Pat’s King of Steaks has been known as the “Inventor of the Cheesesteak” for almost a century. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this walk-up window with outdoor seating proves that there is no wrong time to enjoy what the locals call a “Steak Sandwich.” Located across the street is Geno’s Steaks, also open around the clock. They pride themselves on the “Best Cheesesteak in Town,” so stop by and decide for yourself.
After your meal, remember that no trip to South Philly is complete without dessert from one of the Italian bakeries that the
city is known for. Stop by Termini Brothers for Italian Rum Cake that will melt in your mouth, or Isgro’s Bakery for the best cannoli in the city.

Center City

Center City is where most of the action takes place, and that starts with an excellent meal. There are so many sights to see in this city, but it is important to visit the hottest restaurants first. Center City, which is compromised of several neighborhoods, including Washington Square West, Rittenhouse Square, Old City, and the Midtown Village, is the premier location of many great eateries.
Let’s start with the Midtown III Restaurant, right in the heart of Center City. With an old-school ambiance that visitors can’t resist, this classic restaurant is just as popular for pancakes as it is for late night cocktails, so stop by at any hour of the day. If you come in the morning, ordering scrapple with your meal is a must. Enjoy your breakfast and gear up for the rest of the day with more great food to come.
In the afternoon or evening, head to Serpico, which features an open kitchen and an industrial feel, not to mention some of the best food in Philadelphia. Located on South Street, one of the most iconic streets in the city, this restaurant does not disappoint. Try the grilled short ribs, halibut, or fried duck legs and see why city tourists come here every time they visit Philadelphia.
When you are in Philly, you must save room for water ice. Head over to John’s Water Ice for this Philadelphia staple in flavors that include chocolate, vanilla, cherry, pineapple, and much more. Customize your treat any way you like. Try mixing flavors, or make it a gelato by adding a scoop of ice cream. A true Philadelphia tradition, you’ll want to try a different flavor every day.


No one wants to leave Philadelphia without a visit to Chinatown. There are so many restaurants packed into this neighborhood, and you’ll want to try them all. Whether you are in the mood for dim sum, Cantonese cuisine, or Sichuan cooking, Chinatown is where you will find it.
Stop at Red King’s 2 Restaurant for some of the best Dan Dan noodles you’ll ever taste. Perhaps you are in the mood for seafood, in which case Tai Lake Restaurant is the place you need to be. Or, it could be that you are looking for Sweet & Sour Chicken and Pork Fried Rice. If so, you are in luck, because there are plenty of places that serve your tried and true favorites. Come to Chinatown when you are good and hungry, and you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

West Philadelphia

This area of the city is known for casual cuisine with plenty of diversity. Here, you’ll find not only burgers and hot dogs, but plenty of Ethiopian, Thai, halal Senegalese dishes, and much more.
You do not want to miss out on the Walnut Street Cafe, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends. Try dishes such as Hanger Steak, Pan-Seared Potato Gnocchi, or maybe a selection from the pastry counter. With cinnamon rolls, pistachio-cherry croissants, and raspberry jam scones, you’ll want to savor every bite and then come back for more.
Visitors of the city should definitely try Local 44, a Philadelphia brewpub that is known for favorites including Korean Fried Chicken, Loaded Mac & Cheese, and a Pastrami Spiced Ruben.
Every foodie knows that they must try the soft pretzels when visiting Philadelphia. Stop by the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory for a treat that you’ll love indulging in. Here, you will find freshly baked, handmade and hand-twisted pretzels that are delicious from the first bite to the last. Specialty items include Pretzel Dogs, Pretzel Sausages, and Pepperoni Pretzel Melts. Enhance your pretzel with a dip such as honey mustard, cheese dip, or cinnamon dip. No matter what you choose, a soft pretzel is a true Philadelphia experience. One thing is for sure, everyone will have a great time eating their way through West Philadelphia.
Philadelphia is a place known for its many wonderful restaurants, which serve up plenty of must-try foods, making the city a culinary delight.


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