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Five Delicious Restaurants in Sydney, Australia

Feast Through Sydney, Australia

You’ll quickly see why each dish is so popular as you enjoy some of the best meals that you have ever tasted. From the beginning of your trip until the very end, you’ll be having the ultimate food tour of Sydney.


Your trip to Sydney is not complete without a visit to Quay. Located in the heart of Sydney Harbor, the view from the restaurant speaks for itself, as you’ll enjoy your meal while gazing at the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The cuisine is inspired by nature, and the atmosphere reflects that down to every last detail. If you choose to sit in the Upper Tower, you can take in the panoramic views of Circular Quay as well as The Rocks. The Green Room offers two private terraces with animation and digital artwork for your enjoyment. Choose from a 6 or 10-course menu, with innovative dishes that include Smoked eel cream prepared with almond and fresh cold pressed almond oil, Smoked Pig Jowl, and the simply delightful Maremma Duck prepared with radicchio, black garlic aged mirin, and ice plant. From the first bite to the last, you’ll agree that Quay is one of the best spots that Sydney has to offer. Each bite is to be slowly savored, as you taste the creative blend of spices and ingredients in the expertly prepared dishes.

Aria Restaurant Sydney

This elegant, glass-walled restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy the best modern Australian Cuisine in Sydney. At Aria Restaurant Sydney, you’ll be treated to creations consisting of the best ingredients from some of Australia’s top innovative chefs. In a calm, contemporary, and serene atmosphere, guests are presented with delightful creations that include Filet, Black Angus, and grain-fed steaks, as well as incredible side dishes such as Creamed Royal Blue Potato, Roast Carrots, and Scarlett Butter Lettuce. Dessert is a sweet treat, with choices that include a selection of Australian and International Cheeses, and an ever-changing menu of after-dinner drinks.

O Bar and Dining

When the time comes for a casual, laid back, yet delicious meal, look no further than O Bar and Dining. Choose from the Main Restaurant, The Lounge Bar, The Lobby Bar, or a Private Dining Room. Each choice is unique in its own right and provides the perfect space for a meal that you won’t soon forget. You’ll find a selection of food that melts in your mouth, as you choose from dishes such as Milly Hill Lamb Shoulder, Glazed King Salmon, and Twice Cooked Tinder Creek Farm Duckling. Dessert will make your mouth water, and the menu is so incredible that you will wish you could try one of everything. Delectable treats include Freeze Dried Raspberry Ice Cream, Almond Milk Sorbet, Hot raspberry & chocolate soufflé, and more. The experience continues, because guests can also try the Chef’s selection of cheese that is served with dates and a variety of fruit, or the Box of Truffles and Sweet Treats, consisting of Citrus Cashew Truffles, Pecan Butter and Matcha, and much more.

Fish at the Rocks

Enjoy exceptional maritime art and wonderfully prepared seafood dishes when you visit Fish at the Rocks. The relaxing atmosphere is extremely popular among locals, and the food is some of the best you will ever have. Dishes include Spaghettini Pasta prepared with fresh tomato and excellent herbs and spices, as well as Grilled Scampi topped with a flavorful butter, alongside a rocket pear & parmesan salad. Also, you can enjoy Whole Mud Crab chili style, served with a perfectly steamed rice. The side dishes that are offered here are equally as delicious, with choices such as the vegetable of the day and special homemade potato chips. Don’t miss out on dessert when dining at Fish at the Rocks. The menu offers selections like Crème Brulee with fruit, Carrot cake with macadamia praline and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and Smashed lemon curd served with raspberry pavlova.

Cho Cho San

Cho Cho San is quite possibly one of the most sophisticated restaurants in all of Sydney, so you’ll want to have a meal here. The environment is warm and luxurious, making every guest feel incredible as soon as they walk through the door. Choose from wonderful selections such as Natural Oysters or Ocean Trout appetizers. The next course of this amazing meal includes a Pork Cutlet served with apples, Teriyaki Fish Collars, or an expertly prepared Wagyu Sirloin complemented with wasabi. Be sure to ask for a dessert menu, because you can enjoy a wonderful ending to your meal with soft serve green tea ice cream, a scrumptious Miso Pudding, or sorbet in flavors like coconut, melon, or sake. With a selection of after-dinner drinks to choose from, you can relax as long as you like while enjoying the company as well as the ambiance of Cho Cho San.
As you can see, the food in the city of Sydney, Australia is beyond compare As home to some of the most talented chefs who create Australia’s most sought-after dishes, Sydney is a place where you can take delight in eating. So many different tastes and culinary styles come together in a way that is delicious, unique, and incredible. As you walk the streets of the city, you’ll be mesmerized by everything that you see! That adventure continues with each taste of the dishes that are offered at these wonderful restaurants.