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10 Amazing Family Friendly Things To Do In Rotorua, New Zealand

New Zealand Travel film

You don’t even have to compete for a hotel spot in one of the biggest cities on the map. Instead of heading to Auckland, Christchurch, or Queensland, you can base an incredibly fulfilling family vacation right in Rotorua, NZ.
Rotura is beside a beautiful lake and at the heart of native Maori territory. If you want an amazing New Zealand vacation complete with thrilling theme park rides and beautiful nature tourism all in one — and create the perfect itinerary for your kids — Rotorua has it all.
Let’s take a look at ten incredible places to vacation as a family in Rotorua, New Zealand. Starting with these, you’re sure to find even more amazing things to do.

1) Visit the Hobbiton LOTR Movie Set

The one thing every child (and Lord of the Rings fan) will want to see in New Zealand is the Hobbiton movie set, which is only an hour’s drive from Rotorua. A real-life place where adorable little houses are built into hillsides and tastebud tingling meals are served in taverns fit for any hungry hobbit. Children traveling with you will delight in exploring a whimsical world that is just their size while you and any other grown-ups can learn fascinating facts about how the movies were filmed in this enchantingly designed little village.

2) Revel in the Skyline Rotorua Theme Park

High above the city of Rotorua is the Skyline Rotorua theme park, perhaps one of the most amazing things that this little city has to offer. The Skyline has features that you can find in many New Zealand cities. The cool thing is that it has -them all-. If you want to enjoy a high-speed luge race, zip line over beautiful redwood forests, or take a sky swing with the whole family, the Skyline is your destination. Not to mention some truly incredible views.

3) Meet the Animals at the Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park

If you are vacationing with children and want them to touch and experience the safer aspects of New Zealand’s amazing wildlife, then you can’t miss the Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park. This park focuses on bringing the sensations of nature to you through birds, fish, unique New Zealand mammals, and plenty of hands-on opportunities. Almost every creature in the Paradise Valley Springs wildlife park can be hand-fed by your little ones, creating truly incredible moments and memories to take home.

4) Connect With History in the Mitai Maori Village

One of the fascinating things about New Zealand is their uniquely powerful native culture. The Maori have inhabited this strange and beautiful island for thousands of years, and their traditions reach back into a time before history or western New Zealand settlers. You can experience a taste of their traditional culture by visiting the Mitai Maori Village outside of Rotorua. Share the wonders of traditional Maori dance, canoeing, and tattoo art while enjoying a traditional ground-roasted Maori dinner and a breathtaking fire dance show in ancient tribal style.

5) Take a CampervanRoad Trip

New Zealanders don’t always see vacationing the same way we do. Every inch of their island country is breathtaking, and New Zealanders often take the opportunity simply drive across it. And you can, too. Campervans are like mini-RVs with a kitchenette and cleverly hidden cots that double as a table during the day. If you want to take a short road trip across New Zealand, campervan rental is the perfect way to do this. Experience as a family what New Zealand looks like between towns or drive out to spend a few days in the incredible New Zealand wilderness together. With a campervan, you’ll have everything you need.

6) Get Wild at Velocity City

Believe it or not, Rotorua has a second thrilling theme park available if you’re not done adventuring after hitting up the Skyline. Velocity city has even more opportunities to go really, really fast with less focus on nature and more on every possible kind of speed. At Velocity City, you can free-fall on air, speed boat, and delight in several kinds of a zip line. If your children are nervous about going up in the air for fun, take the family sky swing with them first. Or, if you have teens looking for a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, send them to the Schweeb Racer track. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

7) Become a Human Hamster at OGO Rotorua

Speaking of things that are hard to believe, the OGO Rotorua is one of the single most incredible attractions we have ever encountered. Ever want to roll down a hill in a giant inflatable hamster ball? We know you have, which is exactly why you and the family should visit OGO Rotorua, one of the only places to enjoy this novel and exciting experience. Bring your swimsuits, because, inside the ball, you’ll also be floating in the water.

8) Get Rural At the Agrodome

There are a lot of sheep in New Zealand, so it’s only right that any children with you get to pet and frolic with them at least once. The Agrodome is the safest and friendliest place to meet the lively agricultural side of New Zealand. And all of the cute little fuzzy sheep. There will be plenty of petting, lessons on interesting agricultural topics and a Farm Show featuring very talented farm animals doing tricks any children with you will love.

9) Take to the Sky with Canopy Tours

Have you always wanted to be a nature tourist? Then it’s no surprise you’re in New Zealand. One of the most breathtaking experiences you can have in this incredible place is taking a canopy tour over the tops of ancient redwoods and beautiful waterfalls. Rotorua canopy tours are zip-line experiences where you and the whole family can witness the wonder of New Zealand’s forests and landscapes from high above.

10) Explore the Ruakuri Caves Tour

Finally, don’t forget New Zealand underground. And we don’t mean the music scene. The Maori tradition in New Zealand also extends deep below into networks of caves. The Ruakuri caves are a beautiful place for children to discover the connection between stalactites and stalagmites, bat ecosystems, and the incredible wonder of natural caves. This is the perfect place to cool down after a hot or exciting day and discover an entirely different aspect of how beautiful nature can be.
New Zealand is a wonderful place to vacation with your entire family. And the city of Rotorua is uniquely equipped to give you day after day of incredible family-friendly fun. Whether you like to go fast, explore cultural traditions, or adventure through the rugged landscape, there is more than enough for everyone in your family to have a great time.

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The Best Things to Do in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is a city that is full of amazing sights and things to do. You can almost feel the magic around you as soon as you arrive. As the country’s capital, it sits at the Southern end of the North Island, and has a mix of culture and cuisine that is not to be believed! The list of things to do is historical and unique, letting visitors get a feel for quite an interesting culture. Wellington features amazing restaurants, exquisite culture, and more. From the beginning of the trip until the last second, you are sure to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Explore Cuba Street

To begin, you’ll definitely enjoy the coolest street in all of Wellington. Cuba Street, with its bohemian vibe, is a registered historic area where everyone goes in order to sightsee, socialize, or just take in the culture. Named after a ship in 1840, the street offers plenty of musical events and art. For retail therapy, visit the north end of Cuba Street, and if you are in the mood for the entertainment side of things, wander down to the “top” or Southern end. Bring the camera, because photo opportunities are quite plentiful here. Don’t forget to snap a picture or two of the Bucket Fountain, a statue that has come to be known as one of the most recognized landmarks in New Zealand. You can experience Cuba Street all on your own, or be part of a guided walking tour to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Go to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

One of the most enriching things you can do is visit the Te Papa Museum. You’ll see collections that add to the whole tone of what New Zealand is all about. The museum prides itself on featuring the most abstract, significant cultural property, and the exhibits are nothing short of amazing. The interrelated thematic areas include the history and culture of Matauranga Maori, the culture of the people of New Zealand, the natural environment of the country, as well as art and design.

Take a Ride on the Wellington Cable Car

For one of the most fun experiences that you will have during your entire trip, plan to take a ride on the Wellington Cable Car. As New Zealand’s only functional cable car, you can get views of the city that you won’t find anywhere else in all of Wellington. Known as an “escape from the hustle and bustle of the city”, you can take in the tree-lined botanic gardens as you ride high up above everything. Spend some time at the cable car museum, where you can see the original machinery for the system that operated for over 75 years.

Do a Karori Cemetery Tour

There is no better way to dig into the deep history of Wellington than to take part in the Karori Cemetery Tour. The second largest burial ground in the entire country, the cemetery was established over 110 years ago and is now the burial ground for thousands of people. The tour will allow you to explore all of Karori Cemetery’s heritage values, and learn about the lives of prominent individuals through their graves and memorials. The expansive area features scenic and rolling landscaping, as you hear all about themes such as the “flu epidemic” and people who were “accidentally killed”.

Eat Fabulous Food

Dockside Restaurant & Bar

Located on Queen’s Wharf, Dockside Restaurant & Bar is situated in a historic waterfront shed with spectacular views. With a menu that changes on a daily basis, guests can be sure they are always getting the freshest and finest meals possible. The restaurant has a maritime theme, adding to it’s fun and casual feel. Guests will choose from menu items such as Mussels in Steamed Coconut Milk, Pan Roasted Salmon served with Grilled Calamari and Roasted Chicken Thighs with Lemon. Be sure that you do not forget dessert, because here at Dockside Restaurant & Bar, you’ll find Soft Coconut Cake with Mango Gel, Bananas Fosters with Rum Caramel, Apple, Blackberry, and Cinnamon Oat Crumble, and more. The only problem you will have is deciding which scrumptious menu items to choose.

The Larder Restaurant

When dinnertime comes, visitors to Wellington are typically looking for the best places to go. To truly get a taste of the city, we must discuss The Larder Restaurant. Providing a relaxed atmosphere, the owners of this quaint restaurant want every guest to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible as they enjoy mouthwatering food and professional service. The menu changes seasonally, and dishes utilize the best products available. The owners believe that all parts of the animal should be used in the recipes they create, providing a unique approach to cooking. Come see for yourself when you try the Pappardelle with Lamb Meatballs, Risotto prepared with Parmesan and Prawns, Gremolata Crumbed Lambs’ Brains, and much more. It is a meal that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon, as this establishment lets you capture the culture of Wellington right from the start.


This harborside restaurant is known for having some of the best local seafood in all of Wellington. The high-ceilings and sophisticated environment at Whitebait are only the beginning, as the head chef takes pride in every single ingredient, herb, and spice that he uses. You’ll only be offered the finest dishes possible, and they will be served with great pleasure from a staff that goes above and beyond to cater to your needs. Selections include a four-course land and sea dinner with dishes such as Raw Oyster, Rock Lobster, and Ruakaka Kingfish. Dessert is something special, with treats such as Ricotta Ice Cream and Raspberries with Champagne. When you want to have a meal of what is quite possibly the best seafood you will ever enjoy, Whitebait is the perfect place to do just that.
Wellington, New Zealand is a city that is to be enjoyed in so many ways. The locals take pride and delight in their wonderful landmarks, and visitors are encouraged to enjoy everything as much as possible. During your trip to Wellington, be sure to visit all of these incredible places, so that you can fully experience all that New Zealand offers!

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Dine Like A Local: Must-Try Foods When Visiting New Zealand

Feast Through New Zealand

You may not be aware New Zealand is part of the Polynesian Triangle—along with Hawaii and Easter Island—bringing a certain taste and culture to its cuisine, along with the fact that the Pacific Ocean surrounds it.
Here we’ll discover native dishes with a Poly-Asian influence along with fresh seafood and delectable desserts. Without any further adieu, here are some favorite dishes and treats enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

The Maori Experience

The Maori tribe is an important cultural part of New Zealand’s heritage and their cuisine is a favorite among these indigenous people. As they say, when in Rome, but in this case, when among the natives, you should always sample some of their traditional favorites you won’t find elsewhere in the world.


Their method of cooking meat and vegetables in an underground oven known as Hangi has been used for thousands of years. Remembering their Polynesian neighbors to the North, this is remarkably similar to a Hawaiian Luau. Since traditional Maori Hangi takes many hours to prepare, it’s usually reserved for special occasions and made in large quantities. Prepare yourself to be overfed and well-indulged when enjoying this delicious and traditional dish. Enjoying Hangi is more of an experience than just a meal, as there are several events you can plan to attend that feature Hangi.


Kumara is a sweet potato planted and enjoyed by the early Maori settlers for centuries. Usually served inside Hangi as mentioned previously, there’s plenty of other ways to enjoy this starchy vegetable. Baked, boiled, or fried, be sure to sample this native favorite while you’re in New Zealand.
For budding chefs or those staying in accommodations that allow cooking, you can purchase Kumara at grocery stores like Countdown Otaki.

Sensational Seafood

With over 9,400 miles of coastline and plenty of folks who love to fish, New Zealand is home to some sensational selections of seafood. It’s hard to pick out just one or two among so many tasty items to choose from. Below are a few favorites to consider.


Also known as a “poor man’s lobster” in America, the taste and texture of crayfish are surprisingly similar to their more expensive crustacean cousin. You’ll still pay a fairly hefty price in New Zealand for a full crayfish since they’re enormous compared to the tiny ones caught in the Louisiana Bayou and other parts of America.
Many restaurants in New Zealand are extremely proud of their unique presentations of crayfish. A couple of spots to sample this popular type of seafood are Sails Restaurant or Harbourside Ocean Bar and Grill.


Kina is the local name for a type of spiny sea urchin commonly captured on the coast. While the exterior appears painful with its spiky outer shell casing, the interior is fleshy, edible, and delicious.
Served in a variety of ways be sure to enjoy this local favorite in an upscale restaurant located close to the shoreline. Another way to experience the Kina is in their natural environment when going snorkeling in the Bay of Islands.


Paua is the Maori name given to a type of sea snail or abalone. Considered a delicacy like other types of snails, they’re often consumed raw but also enjoyed in curries or fritters.
Similar to abalone, they also have a beautiful shell used for jewelry, ashtrays, and more. You’ll often find Paua in quaint seafood spots offering fish and chips like George’s Takeaway.

Delectable Desserts

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

If you’ll be eating ice cream while you’re visiting New Zealand, but sure to do the Hokey Pokey. This creamy treat is made with caramelized honeycomb which gives it a unique, sweet taste that sets it apart from traditional ice cream. Whether it’s served in a cone or cup, locals enjoy Hokey Pokey either by itself or alongside other desserts.
While you’ll usually find Hokey Pokey almost everyplace ice cream is served, be sure to check out Giapo Ice Cream in Auklund where they specialize in making and serving this sweet treat.


Jaffas are candy-coated chocolate balls with a distinctive orange flavor and there’s even an annual race held to honor them in New Zealand. Held in Dunedin, the Cadbury Jaffa Race is popular among locals and tourist who enjoy watching the competition.
The event begins on Baldwin Street during the “World’s Steepest Street Party” including live music and entertainment. Three different races are run for charity with up to 25,000 candies released down the steepest street in the world. Held annually in July, you don’t have to compete to enjoy them since they’re available at most grocery and convenience stores.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is made from the native bush by the same name. It’s a sought after item on the international marketplace known for its many medicinal qualities. There are plenty of places to sample this sweet and healthy treat from dedicated honey shops to supermarkets and health food stores.


While it sounds a little bit like the Greek pastry known as Baklava, New Zealand’s Pavlova is a completely different dessert platform. Along with other types of signature dishes native to this region, there’s a heated debate among local restaurants about who is responsible for the creation of this particular cuisine, New Zealand or Australia.
Pavlova is often filled with meringue, whipped cream, kiwi, and other seasonal fruits and it’s simply scrumptious. You’ll find this tasty pastry in local bakeries and served in many restaurants.
So there you have it! A great list of eats and treats to try when you’re visiting stunning New Zealand. Let’s face it, part of the fun of traveling is enjoying the local cuisine and in this case, the more unusual and unique, the better.

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Romantic Encounters: Exploring New Zealand’s Best Getaways

Romantic New Zealand Getaways

Add in world-class wineries, a temperate climate, and an endless carousel of scenic small towns to explore and it’s not hard to see why the island country of the South Pacific lands on so many bucket lists. Consider these great excursions for your next romantic getaway to New Zealand.

The Romantic Adventures of Sutherland Falls, Milford Sound, and Te Anau

Scottish explorer Donald Sutherland was looking for a way from Milford Sound to Lake Wakatipu when he stumbled upon the waterfall that now bears his name. A skyscraping beauty tucked into a sprawling alpine forest, the 1,900-foot high waterfall would ultimately become one of the jewels of New Zealand’s South Island. Travelers on foot walk for several days through the pristine forests that line the Milford Track to catch a glimpse of Sutherland Falls.
If you’re looking more for romance than pure adventure, here’s another great option: soaring over the heavily forested national park and cruising in for a close-up of Sutherland Falls. Whether by plane or helicopter, a Sutherland Falls aerial excursion provides a stunning view of one of New Zealand’s most famous waterfalls as well as Milford Sound. With snow-capped mountains and crystal blue fjords, Milford Sound is just as ideal for romantic getaways as it is for exploration.
The gorgeous town of Te Anau is a great option for lodging that will take you close to the biggest draws in the area. Though you could take a boat to Glade Wharf to start the 36-mile Milford Track, you can also spend the day leisurely making your way around the mountain-facing lake and enjoying a spread of great restaurants and cafes that line the streets of the town. From cozy lakeside lodges and hotels to bed-and-breakfast rooms at nearby farms, there are plenty of ways to relax in Te Anau. There also all kinds of romantically-tinged boating excursions that leave from Te Anau, giving guests a close-up of the Fiordland rain forests and peaks of the Kepler and Murchison mountain ranges.

The Impeccable Beaches and Scenery of Coromandel Peninsula

Lush rainforests, world-famous beaches, outstanding dolphin or whale watching, and much more awaits couples at the profoundly beautiful Coromandel Peninsula in northern New Zealand. Hahei Beach features wide sandy beaches, rocky islands, and other famous natural attractions. Hahei Beach is also a perfect starting point for any water-based activity you can think of, including world-class snorkeling and diving as well as kayaking excursions that show off the area’s showstopping coastlines. Staying near Hahei Beach allows visitors to enjoy a walk along the shore to Cathedral Cove, a very famous oceanside rock arch that is one of the most popular spots in New Zealand. Cathedral Cove is known for being a picturesque place for couples.
Down the road at Hot Water Beach, a favorite activity for romance seekers is digging a hot spring right along the shore. Best accomplished around low tide, hot springs are the result of the release of pockets of hot water as the tide retreats, making for a spectacular setting to take in a sunset. Couples can also peruse the beach at night and find waves of neon glow worms lining the shores, another quirky local phenomenon that has turned into a favorite night outing for visitors and locals alike.
Though you could certainly spend all your time in Coromandel at the beach, many couples head to the magical Kauaeranga Kauri Trail in the central portion of the peninsula for a completely different type of romantic escape. At the peak of the trail, The Putangirua Pinnacles (more commonly referred to as “The Pinnacles”) boast one of the best views on the North Island. The Pinnacles offer a spectacular panoramic glimpse of Coromandel Forest Park and nearly the entire peninsula. Though you can make it all the way to the peak and back in a days hike, a better option for romantics is to hike to the fully serviced huts and campsites right near The Pinnacles. From there, an unforgettable sunrise or sunset overlooking the expanses of the peninsula is only a short walk away.
For extended stays, a journey to the west side of the island to the Coromandel Township can also be a great exploration. A quaint and cozy town filled with terrific seaside walks, Coromandel Township is excellent for either relaxation or for biking along the shores hugging McGregor Bay. Another option for adventure is heading into the neighboring Waipoua Kauri Forest in an open-air mountain railcar, where you can get an up-close look at even more of Coromandel Peninsula’s incredibly diverse ecosystem.

Winetasting in Marlborough

The Marlborough region in northeast South Island is another ideal retreat for couples. It’s internationally famous for its production of sauvignon blanc and wine in general, making it the perfect getaway for anyone who likes the idea of escaping into one of the best wine countries in the world.
At Blenheim, Marlborough’s biggest town by population, couples will find an outstanding collection of restaurants featuring wines from the best vineyards all over Marlborough. The town itself is charming. Blenheim is also great for hopping on a bike and cruising through the countryside to vineyards like the Saint Clair Family Estate Vineyard Kitchen. With mountains guarding the vast plains and the region’s temperate climate, Blenheim is both beautiful and a practical way to start a wine-based adventure any time of the year.
Along the east coast at Yealands Estate Winery in Seddon, guests wind their way on a self-guided tour through a seemingly endless working farm and vineyard down to the cusp of Clifford Bay. The idyllic scenery and delectable wines–from pinot noir to sauvignon blanc and more–provide an unforgettable experience for both the wine enthusiast and novice. For even more great wine, the Renwick area is only a short drive or bike ride away from Blenheim and also offers opportunities to explore some of the best wineries in Marlborough.

Final Considerations

The temperate climate of New Zealand means that most features are available year-round, though seasonal differences still need to be taken into account before embarking on a romantic getaway. During the winter in Marlborough, for example, you’ll see plenty of blue skies and sunny days with calm seas. This weather is ideal for kayaking and pleasure boating even though temperatures are on the cooler side. Even in the summer (December through March), temperatures are moderate. Meanwhile, in the north, Coromandel Peninsula sees a swell of visitors to the beaches during the summer months, although the rest of the year is still a great time to explore the region.
Ultimately, there isn’t a wrong time to head to New Zealand as long as you’re ready for the relatively minor seasonal variations. With endless natural beauty and plenty of reasons to put down the phone and escape with a loved one, New Zealand is the perfect place to consider for a memorable romantic getaway.

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The World’s Top 5 Waterfalls for Adventurers and Romantics

Victoria Falls

Take waterfalls for example. These wonders are pure nature, but can also have the same emotional impact as the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities. Depending on the nature surrounding it, they can attract adventurers and romantics alike.
Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or serene natural beauty, here are the world’s top five waterfalls for you to visit.

1) Niagara Falls, Canada

This fall is famous for a reason. As the world’s second largest waterfall by volume, 7,000 cubic meters per second make their way from the top to the bottom. But the reason it ranks top on this list is a different one: sheer accessibility.
The Niagara Falls is right on the border between the United States and Canada. By most measures, the Canadian side is more impressive. But between the two of them, both sides offer a wide range of ways to experience the falling water masses.
Most visitors enjoy a boat trip on the famous Maid of the Mist, right to the bottom of the fall. The U.S. side offers the Cave of the Winds, a way to get close to the water by foot. Finally, a number of walkways on the Canadian side offer almost direct access to the falls that allow you to get close with this spectacular natural wonder.

Victoria Falls

2) Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Here, we have the only waterfall in the world even more massive than Niagara Falls. It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Every second, up to 40,000 cubic meters of water fall down a height of more than 300 feet. Even more impressive, the entirety of the fall line is a full mile long. “Impressive” doesn’t even begin to describe this sheer display of natural power.
While the official name comes from a British explorer, its native name The Smoke that Thunders perhaps describes it even better. The gorges are especially beautiful to visit during dusk and dawn when the rising and falling sun shines onto the falling water in gorgeous tones.

3) Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

That New Zealand is widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful countries in terms of nature should come as no surprise. Neither should the fact that it also happens to be home to one of earth’s most famous and beautiful waterfalls.
The Sutherland Falls are nothing like Niagara or Victoria. Only a thin strip of water falls down a large mountain amidst lush vegetation surrounding it. At more than 1,000 feet, it is one of the world’s highest waterfalls.
Make no mistake: Sutherland Falls is not easy to access. It’s a destination for adventurers, rather than romantics. But if you can brace the remote and challenging Milford hiking track, you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful waterfalls you can imagine.

4) Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls

What can go wrong when visiting a natural attraction named after a heavenly creature? If Angel Falls is any indication, not much. As it turns out, visiting this destination is nothing short of supernatural.
If you thought 1,000 feet was impressive, how do you feel about the 3,200 feet uninterrupted fall in Venezuela? That number makes it the highest waterfall in the world. And the supernatural element doesn’t stop there.
Angel Falls is a waterfall that does not originate from a stream or river, but simply the water accumulated at the plateau of the mystical Auyán-tepui mountain from which it falls. Its local nickname, Mundo Perdido (Lost World), certainly rings true.

5) Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

We end the post with not just one, but a collection of waterfalls that form one of the most stunning lake districts in the world. The Plitvice National Park is home to no less than 16 individual lakes, all connected with waterfalls that are nothing short of gorgeous.
The tallest of the falls is ‘only’ 230 feet tall, and none of the is particularly wide. What makes this area so unique is how all of them work together to form a park that seems like it came straight out of a mystical fantasy novel.
In winter, the waterfalls accomplish a rare feat: they freeze and become even more beautiful. But the same mystical element remains throughout the year, as well. For the fans of nature and romantics among us, Plitvice National Park is a bucket list item to visit.
Each of these waterfalls is well worth a visit, for a variety of reasons. All offer exceptional natural beauty. While some impress through their sheer power, others almost seem delicate. Regardless of which you choose to visit, it will be a journey that you won’t soon forget.

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6 Adrenaline-Filled Activities to do in New Zealand

Bungy jumping in new zealand

From bungy jumping to mountain climbing, and even some cave exploring, there’s something for everyone. Adventures can be found throughout the diverse terrain of New Zealand, so the only question is, where will you begin?

Go Zorbing in Rotorua

Did you know that zorbing got its start in New Zealand? In 1997, Andrew and David Akers invented this unique and fun activity. But what exactly is zorbing? Essentially, you jump into a giant, transparent plastic ball and are sent tumbling down a hill. It may not seem like much, but zorbs have been known to reach speeds in excess of 30 miles (about 48 km) per hour. You’ll have the option to enjoy the ride buckled into the zorb or foregoing the straps and sliding freely. There are many different ways to zorb — with or without water, surrounded by bubbles, down a hill, or even on water. If you are looking for the biggest adrenaline rush, try the MEGA Track at OGO, the longest, steepest, and fastest track in zorbing. It’s an adventure you’ve likely never tried before and one you won’t soon forget.

Bungy jump off the Auckland bridge

For some, climbing to the top of the Auckland Bridge will be an adventure in itself. With heights reaching 67 meters above water, you will have a spectacular and one of a kind view of the country’s capital city. But if you are looking to take it up a notch, why not jump off the bridge while you are up there? AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand offers thrill seekers just this. The jump will take you on an 11-second rush as you catapult 40 meters, finishing with a dip in the ocean below (jumps that do not touch water are an option too). You can tandem jump with a partner or just watch as a friend takes the plunge. Children 10 and older can also partake if you have a younger adventure lover.

Jet boat through Hukafalls

Hukafalls is New Zealand’s most visited natural attraction. The falls are a powerful display, flowing at a force of 220,000 liters per second. A jet boat is the best way to experience the fury of the falls up close. Take the journey down the Waikato River to the falls and immerse yourself in the native wildlife and brush as you experience 30 minutes of waves and 360 spins.
In Maori, Huka means foam, and that’s exactly what you will experience as you ride the waves at speeds up to 80 km per hour. Boats hold up to 14 people and run every day except Christmas. Boats run from 9 to 4, but be sure to book in advance to make sure you reserve your spot.
If you are looking for even more adventure, Hukafalls Jet offers various combo packages that include options like skydiving, bungy jumping, and white water rafting. Hukafalls is also a great place to hike, go biking, or enjoy a river cruise.

Hike Tongariro Crossing

Hiking Tongariro Crossing is a great way to test your endurance. The hike, which typically takes six to eight hours to complete, is 19.4 km of mountains terrain. Though difficult at times, the hike consistently ranks as one of the best day hikes in New Zealand and top ten in the world. Tongariro Crossing does lie in a volcanic hazard zone, so hikers take the trek at their own risk. Be sure to wear all weather hiking gear and hiking boots for the challenging areas.
A little trivia — The Lord of the Rings setting of Mordor was shot in Tongariro National Park. The locations can be difficult to find on their own; if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, consider looking into a guided tour.

Zipline in Queenstown

The Kawarau zipline runs above the Kawarau River in Queenstown. Riders can ride in with a variety of views on one of the three rides including front facing, backward, and Superman style. Each line provides for the option to ride tandem, making it a perfect adventure to bring your child (ages 8 and up). The zipline extends 130 meters and takes riders to speeds of 60 km per hour.
If you are looking for more thrill from your zipline, there are plenty of options in New Zealand. The Canyon Fox zipline (also in Queenstown) takes riders a staggering 182 meters above the ground. After taking the Skyline Gondola and riding the Skyline Luge (a must for any fans of Mario Kart and adventure fans in general), take a zipline 400 meters back down to where you began.

Visit Waitomo Caves

There is so much to do at Waitomo Caves. Casual travelers will like the scenic reserves and museum, but this visit is for the adventure seeker. There are many locations to see. When you explore the Black Abyss, you will descend 35 meters. You will climb under waterfalls and zipline through a magical display of glow worms. You will wade through water, journey through the darkness, and experience a truly one of a kind adventure.
If ziplining through caves isn’t enough to satisfy your need for thrill, try black water rafting in the Ruakuri Cave. Black water rafting is not your typical rafting adventure. Besides the fact that you are in a dark cave, the rafting occurs on a black rubber tube. Think of a lazy river (but faster) in a glow worm speckled cave and that’s what you can expect. Combining the Black Abyss and black water rafting is a great way to experience the caves.
Adventure comes in many forms and a vast range of extremes. Whether you choose to hike through the country’s oldest national park of jump off its capital city’s bridge, you are sure to find the adventure you are looking for in New Zealand.