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7 Great Ways to Enjoy Hamilton Island in Northeastern Australia

Australia is home to many awe-inspiring destinations, including the natural wonder of Hamilton Island in Queensland. This beautiful resort island offers travelers a unique getaway full of exciting activities and amazing sights. As the most populous island within the Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton Island offers both luxury and natural wonder for visiting guests.
From renting a buggy (golf cart) to visiting the Great Barrier Reef, visitors to Hamilton Island have many ways to enjoy this special year-round travel destination. To highlight the best choices, let’s explore seven great ways to enjoy Hamilton Island.

1. Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Hamilton Island is situated alongside the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef system in the world and the largest living thing on Earth! This natural wonder is a world-renown destination that stretches out 1,400 miles along Queensland’s coastline, including through the Whitsunday Islands.
As can be imagined, visitors have many options for enjoying the Great Barrier Reef from Hamilton Island, including with guided tours by boat, seaplane, helicopter, and underwater. Whatever vantage point visitors choose to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef; they’ll have the chance to experience and enjoy the magnificent views and awe-inspiring environments this unique destination has to offer.

2. Play Golf at Hamilton Island Golf Club

After relaxing in one of Hamilton’s luxurious accommodations such as the Qualia Resort, Palm Bungalows, or the Reef View Hotel, visitors can grab their golf clubs, jump in their buggy, and head to the Hamilton Island Golf Club for 18 holes and some amazing views.
Designed by hall of fame golfer and five-time British Open winner Peter Thomson, this 18-hole Par 71 links style golf course is sure to challenge even the most competitive golfer, especially, with the tough holes along the island’s cliffs. The Hamilton Island Golf Club is located only a ferry’s ride away on Dent Island, due west of Hamilton Island. The breathtaking views of the Coral Sea and surrounding islands, from this lush and verdant course perched atop the island’s rolling hills and cliffs, are sure to inspire both golfers and sightseers alike.

3. Visit Whitehaven Beach

Located along Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is well-known for its pristine white beach sand and turquoise colored waters. Only 30 minutes away from Hamilton Island, Whitehaven Beach is accessible by catamaran, helicopter, seaplane, or sailboat.
Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, walking the beaches, sightseeing, and more when exploring Whitehaven Beach in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Regarded as Queensland’s cleanest beach, this beautiful destination will give visitors plenty of picture perfect memories to capture and remember.

4. Take a Day Trip in the Air or by Sea

As alluded to before, visitors to Hamilton Island have many choices for how they want to take in the beautiful surroundings, including by seaplane, sailboat, catamaran, helicopter, or ferry boat.
The fun and excitement of taking a day trip by sea or air are sure to satisfy the innermost desires of travelers seeking adventure, and the stunning magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding seas and islands will only accentuate the day’s activities. With these day-trip options by sea or air, Hamilton Island uniquely gives travelers the ability to see the surrounding beauty from every perspective and angle.

5. Explore Hamilton Island with a Buggy or ATV

One of the best ways to get around Hamilton Island is by renting a buggy; visitors can hop in their buggy and travel around the island to enjoy great food, live music, beaches, spas, wildlife centers, natural trails, shops, sightseeing vantage points, and more.
Traveling in their buggy, visitors can explore the 1.9 sq. mile Hamilton Island at their own pace and in style; and with only a little over 1,200 people residing on the island, the streets won’t be too crowded either. The open buggy will allow visitors to feel the warm air and be part of the local environment on a more intimate level.
As for those who want to go off-road to explore the less-visited wilderness areas of Hamilton Island, they can take an off-road adventure tour with an ATV, where they can either drive or be a passenger on their way to Resort Lookout – one the highest vantage points on the island.

6. Explore WILD LIFE Hamilton Island

When visiting Australia, visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the native wildlife this amazing continent has to offer, including koalas, eastern grey roos, saltwater crocodiles, dingoes, southern, cassowaries (pre-historic birds), and cockatoos.
This special wildlife center located in the heart of Hamilton Island offers visitors daily tours and hands-on experience with Australia’s indigenous wildlife. Visitors can take a trip in their buggy to have breakfast with the Koalas, or otherwise enjoy WILD LIFE Hamilton Island, as part of their daily adventures on the island.

7. Relax at Qualia Spa

One of the more luxurious settings on Hamilton Island is the world-class Qualia Resort, which includes a hotel, spa, and fine dining restaurants. Qualia’s spa treatments and wellbeing therapies are sure to pleasure the senses and help visitors relax while they enjoy the luxurious indoor and outdoor settings.
Large windows and open spaces surrounded by hardwood, marble, and tropical landscapes will help visitors relax at Qualia Spa while enjoying the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding islands, Coral Sea, and Great Barrier Reef.


When it comes to finding the perfect travel destination, Hamilton Island is as close as it gets. The optimal weather, breathtaking views, world-class destinations, and exciting activities it offers are sure to satisfy and exceed even the most experienced traveler’s expectations. Although these seven great ways to enjoy Hamilton Island merely scratch the surface with the choices visitors have, they do sufficiently highlight how special this Australian destination really is. The Hamilton Island Race Week and The Australian Ballet are two other examples of noteworthy happenings to enjoy on this Queensland island in Australia.
Suffice it to say; travelers won’t be disappointed in their choice to visit Hamilton Island, as it is second to none when it comes to world-class travel destinations.