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Take a Danube River Cruise to Picturesque Romania

If you’ve been looking for a way to kick back and enjoy a vacation without all the usual hustle and bustle of shopping, tourist attractions, and bouncing from hotel to hotel, then a river cruise is exactly what the doctor ordered. On a floating mini-resort, you can enjoy all the luxuries of hotel life and the delights of a cruise without ever leaving the shore far behind.
Ready for a magical river cruise? Consider floating down the legendary Danube river. No matter where you start, the beautiful river flows eternally toward the Black sea and your tour is likely to end in the Danube Delta. Here, you’ll find a combination of islands and complex aquatic ecosystems that make Romania the ideal place to end your river tour. In the shadows of the Caucus mountains, you’ll enjoy fine dining, cozy hotels, pastoral vistas, and a rich history.
No matter what you’re looking for, from ancient stories to relaxing spas, you’ll find it at the end of the Danube River in beautiful Romania.

Danube River in Germany

The Delta is Alive and Ancient

The Danube is one of the oldest rivers in the world. Traveling down it, you are likely to encounter signs both of ancient civilizations and timeless nature. When you reach the Delta, expect to see a strange collection of landmarks. While much of it will be decorated with the familiar reeds and tall river grasses, there will also be several stretches of sand dunes, often surrounded by natural growths of beautiful white lilies. Where there are trees, keep an eye out for the thousand-year-old oaks, most of them more than 90 feet tall. Outdoor enthusiasts will love exploring the river and the surrounding areas.
Swimming in the Delta, you’ll see incredibly numerous and diverse populations of fish as fresh and salt water mix to form a complex and rich aquatic ecosystem. One of the things the delta is known for is its huge (and delicious) sturgeon population. These sturgeon provide caviar and delicious fish-based entrees to numerous local restaurants. If sampling local caviar is something you indulge in on your water-side vacations, you won’t be disappointed.

All the Castles You Can Climb

Romania is an ancient land and has been building beautiful stone architecture for a very long time. There are elegant castles and estates still in use and open for tours. Additionally, there are dozens of ruins around the countryside that have since become historical relics. If you want to explore the legendary castle of the real-life Count Dracula, or Vlad Tepes the Transylvanian war hero, be sure to check out Bran Castle. This beautiful monument of white stone and red roofs are built directly into the surrounding mountain stone. But Romania holds more stories and secrets than Bram Stoker ever dreamed of, so don’t limit yourself to this tourist hot spot.
After your Danube cruise, branch out and explore the variety of impressively fortified churches, impenetrable fortresses, and sweeping gothic castles. The wealth of Romania’s history is available to explore in the form of ruins, castles, and more. Look out for local tours and delight in the ghost stories of the region as you imagine the elegant medieval lives that must have taken place there. Whether you love palaces or ruins, Romania has a wonderful tour that will delight the historian in you.


Walking Tours of Picturesque Cities

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful sights and quaint charm of authentic Romania. With a low crime rate and a strong belief in local hospitality, you will find comfort walking around picturesque Romania. With brightly painted homes, flowers in the street, and plenty of local shops, you can quickly immerse yourself in the culture and positive attitude of the Romanian locals. Take a walk along the Danube or go on a walking tour.
Walking tours allow you to leave behind the pressure of finding a rental car or worrying about tourist taxi prices. Instead, pack a good pair of walking shoes and your GPS app and simply take off in a promising-looking direction. Get adventurous and stop in local cafes to try unfamiliar dishes when you get hungry. And don’t be shy about interacting with vendors on the street. You’ll find vendors selling handicrafts and tasty warm snacks, among other typical Romanian items.
Romania is safe enough savvy travel tactics and situational awareness is enough to keep you out of trouble. Even so, you should still be cautious of the usual sprinkling of pick-pockets and scam artists.

Try the Local Cuisine

Something unique about Romania is that it’s not quite like other European countries, which you can tell from the food. Romanians have a strong preference for things served with sour cream, local cheese, pickles and various forms of cabbage. But don’t let this list throw you off. The Romanians know what they’re doing and the local cuisine is absolutely delicious. Traditional dishes include Sarmale (sort of like egg rolls but with cabbage), Michi (long meatballs); and a mix of fried porks and thick bacon dishes. For dessert and sweet snacks there are Papanasi, which every restaurant does differently. Cozonac, which is a delightful form of walnut sweet bread, and “Placinta cu Branza Dulce si Sstafide” which translates to fried sweet-cheese pie with raisins. It is often served warm and sprinkled with sugar.
Taking a river cruise down the Danube is a delightful way to start a vacation and give you the opportunity to end it in beautiful, historic Romania. From tasty treats on street vendor carts to legendary castles, you can find anything you’re looking for.


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