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Romantic Taiwanese Getaways for Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers

This little island nation was nicknamed “the Beautiful Island” by the Portuguese for a reason. It is full of verdant forests, charming seascapes, and some of the friendliest locals in the world. Taiwan is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, and here are some of the best locations in particular:

Hualien, Taiwan

This lovely coastal city located in Northeastern Taiwan has an unhurried mountain town feel, perfect for long, lingering walks and meaningful memories. The Taroko National Park, a 92,000-hectare national park is one of Taiwan’s nine national parks, featuring all-natural mountains, gorges, rivers, and cliffs. You can take a guided day tour of the Taroko Gorge, or make your own way through the winding mountain paths or alongside the rocky Qixingtan Beach.
In addition, Hualien also features a Cultural and Creative Industries Park–former industrial spaces that have been converted into art venues including art exhibits and craft shops. If you come at the right time, you can be treated to street performers and music shows as well! There are even opportunities to go whale and dolphin watching in Hualien, with a high likelihood of successful sightings, particularly between April and October.
And don’t forget the food: for an authentic Taiwanese night market experience, check out Dongdamen Night Market, located on Zhongshan road and open from 5:30 to 11:30 pm, daily. This subsection of a larger bazaar and events area is home to three main market lanes, including Futing Market (featuring Taiwanese food), another street representing mainland Chinese dishes, and Aboriginal street, a lane filled with local vendors offering aboriginal style snacks and gifts. Hualien is the perfect romantic vacation spot for nature-loving foodie couples from anywhere around the world.

Tamshui, Taipei

If you prefer a more citified feel for your love story, remember to check out Tamshui, Taipei–known for its famous Lover’s Bridge which lights up at night as live musicians serenade diners at the local restaurants along the river. Located near Tamkang University, Tamshui is a beloved spot for college-aged lovers and is a top dating spot for university students and visitors alike.
Even during the day, couples can rent bikes and ride along the peaceful coast, perhaps stopping in to visit Fort San Domingo (one of the oldest European style buildings in Taiwan) or Tamshui Old Street (full of delicious foods like the iconic fish balls and Ah Gei) for an unforgettable date.

Pingxi Sky Lanterns, Taipei

Have you ever wanted to release your own burning lantern into the night sky as a declaration of your love? After Disney released Tangled in 2010, viewers everywhere have swooned at the romantic scene where Rapunzel and Flynn sing to each other as floating lanterns glow like stars in the inky night air.
Pingxi (also known as Shi Fen) was literally awarded the “most romantic place in Taiwan” in 2014, made famous by the movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye” which also featured a romantic scene involving the releasing of a sky lantern.
If experiencing a sky lantern has always been your dream, you need dream no longer: Visitors to Pingxi are given the opportunity to decorate and release their own sky lanterns, as well as stroll along the rustic railway, hand in hand, or explore the Pingxi Old Street–a street built into a hill with a train track going overhead.
If you are looking for a memorable place and activity to declare your love to your significant other, or even pop the question, you can’t go wrong with Pingxi and its famous sky lanterns! During Chinese New Years, particularly, tourists are invited to release a Chinese lantern into the sky.

Brown Boulevard, Taitung

This picturesque path located in the center of the island nation is perfect for a romantic lovers’ bike ride. Featuring a wide expanse of green rice fields, only one solitary tree, and zero telephone poles, Brown Boulevard has long been considered an ideal backdrop for wedding photography or just a relaxing location to travel through, hand in hand. Made famous because of a Mr. Brown Coffee commercial, this verdant paradise road is nestled in the rustic Chishang township of Taitung County and is closed to non-agricultural vehicles, making it safe and peaceful–perfect for exploring and enjoying.

Penghu Islands

If you love aquatics, consider bringing your beloved to Penghu, a group of islands and islets located off the west coast of Chiayi County. And if you and your loved one appreciate history, check out the Penghu Living Museum, which offers insights into centuries of Penghu culture, from religious beliefs to child-rearing practices.
Qimei’s most arresting feature is a double heart of stacked stones, an ancient but well-preserved fish trap located in the deep green-blue ocean and visible from the sky above. It is often said to represent eternal love and is the perfect backdrop to a romantic picnic, wedding proposal, or wedding photo shoot.

Yang Ming Shan, Taipei

Yang Ming Shan is an epic vantage point from which to view Taipei’s sparkling night scenery: the Yang Ming Shan National Park features a hidden volcano and is particularly beautiful during flower season, with sakura blossoms in full bloom.
There are also numerous restaurants with spectacular views located near Yangmingshan national park, including The Peak, which offers private seats for couples and a large menu with many selections; Back Garden, a Mediterranean-Bali themed outdoor restaurant, and Sleepless, the iconic spot for couples in love since 1986. Any and all of these elegant restaurants provide the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal after a day of hiking and exploring, and a time to talk about matters of the heart.
No matter where you go in Taiwan, an emerald land full of unspoiled nature and unique adventures, you will be sure to make one-of-a-kind memories with your significant other by your side. The most important thing is to enjoy each other and the land, and remember that, in the words of the great Charles Schulz: “in life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.”

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Romantic Encounters: Exploring New Zealand’s Best Getaways

Romantic New Zealand Getaways

Add in world-class wineries, a temperate climate, and an endless carousel of scenic small towns to explore and it’s not hard to see why the island country of the South Pacific lands on so many bucket lists. Consider these great excursions for your next romantic getaway to New Zealand.

The Romantic Adventures of Sutherland Falls, Milford Sound, and Te Anau

Scottish explorer Donald Sutherland was looking for a way from Milford Sound to Lake Wakatipu when he stumbled upon the waterfall that now bears his name. A skyscraping beauty tucked into a sprawling alpine forest, the 1,900-foot high waterfall would ultimately become one of the jewels of New Zealand’s South Island. Travelers on foot walk for several days through the pristine forests that line the Milford Track to catch a glimpse of Sutherland Falls.
If you’re looking more for romance than pure adventure, here’s another great option: soaring over the heavily forested national park and cruising in for a close-up of Sutherland Falls. Whether by plane or helicopter, a Sutherland Falls aerial excursion provides a stunning view of one of New Zealand’s most famous waterfalls as well as Milford Sound. With snow-capped mountains and crystal blue fjords, Milford Sound is just as ideal for romantic getaways as it is for exploration.
The gorgeous town of Te Anau is a great option for lodging that will take you close to the biggest draws in the area. Though you could take a boat to Glade Wharf to start the 36-mile Milford Track, you can also spend the day leisurely making your way around the mountain-facing lake and enjoying a spread of great restaurants and cafes that line the streets of the town. From cozy lakeside lodges and hotels to bed-and-breakfast rooms at nearby farms, there are plenty of ways to relax in Te Anau. There also all kinds of romantically-tinged boating excursions that leave from Te Anau, giving guests a close-up of the Fiordland rain forests and peaks of the Kepler and Murchison mountain ranges.

The Impeccable Beaches and Scenery of Coromandel Peninsula

Lush rainforests, world-famous beaches, outstanding dolphin or whale watching, and much more awaits couples at the profoundly beautiful Coromandel Peninsula in northern New Zealand. Hahei Beach features wide sandy beaches, rocky islands, and other famous natural attractions. Hahei Beach is also a perfect starting point for any water-based activity you can think of, including world-class snorkeling and diving as well as kayaking excursions that show off the area’s showstopping coastlines. Staying near Hahei Beach allows visitors to enjoy a walk along the shore to Cathedral Cove, a very famous oceanside rock arch that is one of the most popular spots in New Zealand. Cathedral Cove is known for being a picturesque place for couples.
Down the road at Hot Water Beach, a favorite activity for romance seekers is digging a hot spring right along the shore. Best accomplished around low tide, hot springs are the result of the release of pockets of hot water as the tide retreats, making for a spectacular setting to take in a sunset. Couples can also peruse the beach at night and find waves of neon glow worms lining the shores, another quirky local phenomenon that has turned into a favorite night outing for visitors and locals alike.
Though you could certainly spend all your time in Coromandel at the beach, many couples head to the magical Kauaeranga Kauri Trail in the central portion of the peninsula for a completely different type of romantic escape. At the peak of the trail, The Putangirua Pinnacles (more commonly referred to as “The Pinnacles”) boast one of the best views on the North Island. The Pinnacles offer a spectacular panoramic glimpse of Coromandel Forest Park and nearly the entire peninsula. Though you can make it all the way to the peak and back in a days hike, a better option for romantics is to hike to the fully serviced huts and campsites right near The Pinnacles. From there, an unforgettable sunrise or sunset overlooking the expanses of the peninsula is only a short walk away.
For extended stays, a journey to the west side of the island to the Coromandel Township can also be a great exploration. A quaint and cozy town filled with terrific seaside walks, Coromandel Township is excellent for either relaxation or for biking along the shores hugging McGregor Bay. Another option for adventure is heading into the neighboring Waipoua Kauri Forest in an open-air mountain railcar, where you can get an up-close look at even more of Coromandel Peninsula’s incredibly diverse ecosystem.

Winetasting in Marlborough

The Marlborough region in northeast South Island is another ideal retreat for couples. It’s internationally famous for its production of sauvignon blanc and wine in general, making it the perfect getaway for anyone who likes the idea of escaping into one of the best wine countries in the world.
At Blenheim, Marlborough’s biggest town by population, couples will find an outstanding collection of restaurants featuring wines from the best vineyards all over Marlborough. The town itself is charming. Blenheim is also great for hopping on a bike and cruising through the countryside to vineyards like the Saint Clair Family Estate Vineyard Kitchen. With mountains guarding the vast plains and the region’s temperate climate, Blenheim is both beautiful and a practical way to start a wine-based adventure any time of the year.
Along the east coast at Yealands Estate Winery in Seddon, guests wind their way on a self-guided tour through a seemingly endless working farm and vineyard down to the cusp of Clifford Bay. The idyllic scenery and delectable wines–from pinot noir to sauvignon blanc and more–provide an unforgettable experience for both the wine enthusiast and novice. For even more great wine, the Renwick area is only a short drive or bike ride away from Blenheim and also offers opportunities to explore some of the best wineries in Marlborough.

Final Considerations

The temperate climate of New Zealand means that most features are available year-round, though seasonal differences still need to be taken into account before embarking on a romantic getaway. During the winter in Marlborough, for example, you’ll see plenty of blue skies and sunny days with calm seas. This weather is ideal for kayaking and pleasure boating even though temperatures are on the cooler side. Even in the summer (December through March), temperatures are moderate. Meanwhile, in the north, Coromandel Peninsula sees a swell of visitors to the beaches during the summer months, although the rest of the year is still a great time to explore the region.
Ultimately, there isn’t a wrong time to head to New Zealand as long as you’re ready for the relatively minor seasonal variations. With endless natural beauty and plenty of reasons to put down the phone and escape with a loved one, New Zealand is the perfect place to consider for a memorable romantic getaway.

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Top Romantic Getaways in Germany

Romantic Germany Getaways

Whether you’re visiting for Valentine’s Day, your honeymoon, or just looking to get away with that special someone, here are some locations worth checking out.


To begin your romantic getaway you must travel to Lindau. Situated at the foot of Alps, Lindau possesses a charming small town atmosphere and a sensational natural setting. It sits on Lake Constance, the third largest lake in Europe, and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The region actually consists of several islands, offering visitors access to medieval villages, wineries, butterfly sanctuaries, and beautiful beaches, among other things perfect for a romantic vacation. Restaurants in the area serve traditional German cuisine, and many specialize in preparing the fish that’s caught right there at Lake Constance. Tourists can go skating and skiing in the winter, and biking and swimming in the summer.
One of the mainstays of Lindau is its famous harbor. Guarded by a 19th-century lighthouse and a Bavarian lion sandstone statue, visitors can hop on any of the ferries that travel between the cities bordering the lake. If you prefer tours over sight seeing, the town also offers themed cruises with live entertainment. Don’t forget your camera!

Rügen Island

The islands along the Baltic Sea are a popular destination for romantic getaways. Germany’s Rügan Island is a particular favorite. Regarded by many as a naturally beautiful place, it boasts almost forty miles of sandy beach dotted with spa hotels and resort towns. The island also contains plenty of architectural and historical wonders to explore, as well as natural parks and a UNESCO rated biosphere.
Besides the romantic aspect, Rügan also provides plenty of biking trails, sailing tours, fishing villages, and even a century-old railway to carry patrons between seaside resorts. Perhaps the island’s most famous structures are the white chalk cliffs, made popular in a painting by Caspar David Friedrich. From late June through early September, Rügan also hosts the Störtebeker Theatre Festival, which pulls in more than 100,000 spectators annually.

Island of Sylt

Sitting at Germany’s northernmost tip, Sylt is famous worldwide for its pristine beaches, a striking dune landscape, and thatched-roof houses. The nude beaches, first officially opened in 1920, are also popular here. The North Sea borders Sylt to the west, while the Wadden Sea sits along its east side. Visitors can see Denmark from here on a clear day.
One of the most recognizable landmarks on the island can be found near the town of Keitum. An old brick lighthouse sits hidden among the dunes, having long since been retired. A newer one was built in 1855 between Wenningstedt and Kampen.
The island is also fascinating for its history. One of just many stories involves the village of Eidum, which was destroyed by storm surge in November of 1436. The survivors founded the town of Westerland nearby, and it eventually grew into the health resort that it has become today.


Another place you can go for a romantic getaway is Neuschwanstein castle, nestled above the city of Füssen in the Bavarian Alps. It is perhaps most famous as the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Compared to most other structures in Germany, it is not very old and was never built for defense. It was constructed in 1869 by King Ludwig II to serve as a summer retreat. He never got to enjoy it, though, because he drowned in a nearby lake before it was finished.
An interesting aspect of this castle is its design. It appears medieval, yet it was constructed using then-modern technologies that even included a central heating system, running water (both hot and cold), and flushing toilets. The interior clearly shows Ludwig’s admiration for the German composer Richard Wagner, with many of his scenes depicted on the castle walls.
But what truly sparks the imagination is the building’s elegant spires that jut out against Germany’s spectacular mountainous and forested background. Thanks in large part to Walt Disney, the location has come to represent the classic model for the romantic castle.

Castle Hotels

On that note, visitors can experience royal accommodation at any of the country’s many castle hotels. With more than 20,000 medieval palaces and castles, some lie in ruins, but several have been converted for the tourism industry. The best part? It doesn’t cost a fortune to stay at one. Depending on what strikes your fancy, there’s a castle hotel to cater to everyone.
One of the oldest castles in Germany is the Castle Colmberg, a 13th-century structure that borders both the Castle Road and the Romantic Road. Patrons can experience ancient stone towers, large royal stables, fortified walls, an elegant on-site restaurant, and even a deer reserve. The location also offers booking for weddings and other special events.
If you’re looking for a romantic getaway on a budget, Stahleck Castle is a youth hostel with a high satisfaction rating and a friendly atmosphere. Towering over the Rhine Valley and the romantic town of Bacharach, this 12th-century castle has been modernized to cater to all types of travelers young and old alike. While it lacks some of its original medieval charm, it still offers breathtaking views of the nearby river and vineyards.

Romantic Road

Rather than being a single location, Germany’s Romantic Road is a scenic drive that treks through Bavaria and leads from the wine country of Franconia to the lower hills of the German Alps. All along this 261-mile thoroughfare, drivers will find unspoiled scenes of nature, half-timbered houses, romantic hotels, medieval castles, and picturesque towns.
During the middle ages, the Romantic Road was a major Roman trading route. After World War II, Germany was desperate to rebuild their tourism industry and so marketed the route in 1950 as a way of encouraging tourists to explore the countryside. The first visitors were American soldiers and their families stationed at the military bases in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Despite its modern roots, the road has become popular for its preservation of the country’s history.
Germany has no shortage of locations for the perfect romantic getaway, with several hidden gems to discover. So talk to the locals and explore the country a bit. You might be surprised at what you find!

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Best Romantic Getaways in Austria

Romantic Austria Getaways

While the scenery is outstanding in all the top romantic spots of Austria, there are also plenty of unique activities and world-renowned restaurants to anchor a journey to one of the marvels of Central Europe. If you’re looking for a romantic backdrop in Austria, consider these possibilities.

Unparalleled views of Hallstatt

This stunning and remote oasis in upper Austria is much more than just a postcard. Complete with a unique history that dates to prehistoric times, Hallstatt is a picturesque village at the base of the Alps. A pristine blue lake surrounds the village, creating a magically timeless feel that attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s also easily one of the most romantic vacation spots in Austria, a place of pure tranquility that offers endless opportunities for cozying up with a loved one and enjoying the alpine wonder.
The most popular feature of Hallstatt, the age-old salt mine, may not sound particularly romantic but that changes quickly once actually experiencing it. While the 7,000-year history of the mine will pique the interest of some, the views obtained on a funicular ride up the mountain to the mine are sensational and the World Heritage Skywalk gives you a brilliant panoramic view of Lake Hallstatt from high above. But one of the very best ways to absorb the sights of Hallstatt is to simply head off on your own to one of the trails that surround the village. The Soleweg, in particular, is a great way to get lost for an afternoon of mountain/lake views, and a simple picnic can quickly turn into an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to stir up a little romance.
The same goes for hopping on a boat tour of the lake, although renting your own small rowboat can be an easy way to elevate the romantic ambiance to the next level. As for restaurants, lakefront options like the Gasthaus Seeraunzn let you soak up the scenery from a fresh angle while enjoying some of the best traditional German/Austrian food you’ll find in Hallstatt. Though you definitely won’t have trouble finding a terrific hotel that lets you tap the beauty of the region, the Seehotel Grüner Baum has been a refuge since at least 1700 and offers rooms and dining areas with picture-perfect views of the lake and village.
Hallstatt is gorgeous all year long and can be a great experience in the winter, but less adventurous visitors might want to stick to the warmer weather months of March through October.

No shortage of romantic options in Vienna

A sunset dinner at Villa Aurora is likely all it takes to fall in love with the city of Vienna, marking it a terrific place to have an Austrian date night. Although Vienna has your inevitable touristy location, Villa Aurora has genuine local favorites (like schnitzels) and happens to have a terrace perched directly over the Viennese cityscape. Villa Aurora joins an impressive list of different cafes and restaurants that offer authentic Austrian cuisine along with an atmosphere worthy of being the backdrop for your romantic excursion. Others like the Buxbaum or the famous ef16 Restaurant Weinbar are known for striking a romantic mood alongside some of the best Austrian dishes in the city, although Vienna is also known for having a variety of other romantic restaurants featuring cuisine from all over Europe (and beyond).
If you’re visiting in spring or early summer, Schönbrunn Palace is worth mingling in the crowds to see the flower-filled grounds in front of the 16th-century landmark. A short drive away, the Hofburg Palace is just as impressive and is another romantic place to spend an afternoon, and some couples will enjoy the terrific museums within shouting distance of the palace. Even if you’ve never been to an opera in your life, dressing up for a romantic meal and night at the very famous Vienna State Opera is a classic Viennese experience that anyone can enjoy. In a similar vein, ball season in Vienna is a very big deal and can offer a night out worthy of royalty.
If the opera and ball season aren’t what you’re looking for in a getaway, however, Vienna has plenty of other routes geared toward romanticism. A river cruise along the Danube will show off some of the best views of the city and many of the options include traditional music, food, and beverages along with a smooth ride down the famous river. Couples also routinely make their way to the Palais Hansen Kempinski for honeymoons and urban escapes, where guests enjoy luxurious accommodations pulled back from the tourist-heavy parts of the city. Not only is there a world-class day spa but the restaurant on-site, Edvard, is one of the highest rated in Vienna. Although it’s away from the hustle and bustle, Palais Hansen Kempinski offers very easy access to the main features of the city thanks to neighboring tram and bus stops, in addition to a nearby U-Bahm station.

Step into a storybook at Schloss Fuschl

Originally built as a castle and hunting lodge for Austrian royalty in the mid-15th century, this masterpiece on Lake Fuschl guarantees privacy and luxury while visitors feast their eyes on the treasures of western Austria. Though swimming in the lake and hiking are typical activities during the summer, it’s also spectacular in the winter months thanks to the renowned Nordic walks accessible from the hotel.
The accommodations are also first-rate, as guests get to choose from suites with different décor styles like Baroque or Renaissance along with lakeside cottages that offer couples privacy. Couples can also enjoy a mesmerizing experience at the two-floor spa along with a host of terrific dining options that change with the season.
For any couple looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience highlighted by elegant accommodations, seclusion, and staggering scenery, Schloss Fuschl is as good of an option as you’ll find anywhere in Austria. It’s also a fantastic add-on to a trip to Salzburg, which is only a 20-minute drive away and has plenty of its own charm.
Also worth considering is Schloss Mönchstein, another outstanding resort easily accessible from Salzburg, offering a similar level of luxury and another opportunity to stay in an Austrian castle known for being an ideal romantic escape.


The gorgeous, old-world style of Innsbruck makes it an ageless classic, and there are more than a few options for the romantically inclined. The tightly packed rows of colorful buildings overlooking the famous market square create a vintage European village look at the heart of the city, which is bustling with open-air cafes and restaurants sitting beneath the often snow-tipped Karwendel Alps. If eating strudel and gaping at medieval architectural masterpieces isn’t for you, an evening hike up the mountain to a traditional Austrian tavern overlooking the city lights (the Laternenwanderung hike) tends to leave couples with the proverbial unforgettable experience.


Just a short drive from Innsbruck in western Austria, the cozy village of Alpbach is your quintessential ski town that keeps moving with or without the snow. Skiers and snowboarders can line up an outstanding winter getaway in Alpbach, although taking a gondola through the mountains for a scenic hike in the summer can also be the perfect launch for a romantic excursion.
Austria is country with scenic views and landscapes sure to take your breath away. With several amazing resorts, cities, and landmarks, there is no place like Austria for the perfect romantic getaway. It offers an environment where anything seems possible, and where you will make unforgettable memories with your significant other.

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The Most Romantic Places in Italy to Take Your Significant Other

Romantic Italy Getaways

A romantic trip consists of relaxing on the coast of Italy and taking in the breathtaking views, tasting new foods, and staying at amazing resorts. There is love in the air at all times, and you will feel it as soon as you arrive. From activities for couples to quiet time spent with just one another, Italy has it all. Before you plan your next romantic getaway, here are some options that you must add to your itinerary.


Many couples dream of visiting the city of Venice and taking a romantic gondola ride back in time in this gorgeous floating city. Enjoy the stunning architecture that you will see, and view Venetian art from the 14th to 18th century at the Church of the Frari. You can also choose to take a boat ride to the nearby islands for an experience that will live in your memory forever.
Get in tune with one of the world’s most famed lovers, Casanova, as you enjoy wine at Do Spade bar on Calle de Spade, where he met his own lovers near the Rialto Bridge. When evening arrives, enjoy a candlelight dinner by the water at Riviera, a waterfront terrace situated on the Giudecca Canal. The city of Venice is full of romantic Italian history that is perfect for any couple in love.


Nothing says romance quite like a trip to Capri. You’ll soak up ocean views as you enjoy your time at this picturesque location. Enjoy the ruins of the ancient complex of Villa Jovis, the main residence of Tiberius in Capri. You can take a quaint chairlift ride to the peak of Capri and enjoy the scenery, even catching a glimpse of the entire Bay of Naples. Don’t leave this location without a visit to Grotta Azzurra, a sea cave that contains a blue light that gives the cave a surreal feel. At the end of the day, be sure to enjoy a meal at Villa Margherita, an Italian seafood restaurant where you can have a quiet evening with your significant other while feeling as if you are the only two people in the world.

Lo Smeraldino Amalfi Restaurant

No trip to Amalfi would be complete without a romantic meal at Lo Smeraldino Amalfi Restaurant! You can enjoy seafood like you never before have, along with meat dishes and vegetables to please all tastes. With magnificent views throughout the space, the restaurant features a menu with local flavor. After dinner, spend some time on the terrace overlooking the sea for an experience that will live in your memory for years to come.

Orange Garden

Make time to spend at the Orange Garden in the city of Rome. Walk up the Aventine Hill and along Via di Santa Sabina, where you will find Rome’s “secret keyhole” at the end. This is where the adventure truly begins. Look through the keyhole and see the Knights of Malta’s garden St Peter’s Basilica in perfect view. The Orange Garden, also known as Parco Savello, is surrounded by some of the most magnificent churches in the world. Sit and enjoy the view of the Roman skyline while taking in the aromatic scent of the many orange trees. Or, sit on the terrace over the Tiber River and watch the sunset over St. Peter’s Dome. You’ll get lost in the enchantment of it all!

Ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina

The Ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina is atop a hill on the eastern shores of Sicily. Sitting 250 meters above the Ionian Sea, Taormina is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Greek Theatre dates back to the third century BC and is still used for performances to this day. Sit and take in the views of Mount Etna and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. On any given day, you are sure to see many couples strolling hand in hand at this romantic destination.

Juliet’s Balcony

For those visiting Verona, this is not a spot to be missed! What says romance better than Juliet’s balcony? You’ll feel as if you are in a fairytale as you see this amazing building that dates back to the 13th century, and is arguably one of the most romantic spots a couple could go.


The city of Florence is known for main squares and cobblestone streets that are illuminated by soft lamplight. When the time comes to enjoy a meal for two, there are restaurants with a romantic ambiance, such as Verrazzano, where you can look across the table and into the eyes of your loved one. Enjoy stunning views, a rustic environment, and of course, plenty of wine, as you dine at this enchanting spot.


The smallest city in all of Italy, Atrani is the perfect place to enjoy a day with the one that you love. In this quaint village, you’ll see mountains as well as medieval watchtowers. Although the town is quiet and intimate, there is still a friendly feel so that everyone feels welcome. Atrani has distinctive architectural features, including Collegiata di Santa Maria Maddalena, established in 1274.
You won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit this breathtaking church with its 16th-century bell tower and overall beauty. On the 22nd of July every year, you’ll see the Festival of Santa Maria Maddalena, a religious precession followed by fireworks on the beach. While in the village, spend some time at the picturesque beaches, with a luxurious feel and unique black sand. At night, you can see the lights of the city reflected in the water, for a view that is truly unmatched.
Italy is a country in which to make everlasting memories. With no shortage of amazing places to stay, see, and dine at, it is quite an experience to explore the country with the one you love.

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Enjoy Croatia’s Old-World Romance with These 10 Romantic Getaway Spots

Romantic Croatia Getaways

Croatia is the perfect place to walk hand-in-hand along cobblestone streets and pristine beaches without actually leaving the convenience and amenities of modern Europe behind.
But before you just dive into the breathtaking allure of a romantic Croatian vacation, we’d love to give you the highlights and best places to sneak away to with your partner for more than a few memorable experiences.

Travel Back In Time Walking the Streets of Dubrovnik


The number one city in Croatia for romantics to visit is Dubrovnik, a practically unchanged medieval fortress-city surrounded by an incredible wall that you can walk along hand-in-hand with your partner to get a complete view of the city. Inside, all the streets are cobblestone and the shops are built directly into the city wall itself. Walking the streets of Dubrovnik enjoying sights and smells that have been there for hundreds of years will feel just like you have been somehow transported into a fairy tale, locked away from the rest of the world behind their legendary wall.
There are spectacular Turkish spas where you can frolic easily between the spa and a private slice of ocean. While you’re there, don’t forget to check Proto, one of the many classic outdoor cafes or take a glass-bottom boat tour through crystal-clear seas to the Island of Lokrum. There, peacocks roam freely and you can sunbathe on the rocks and cliffs that hang over an impossibly blue ocean.

Wine and Dine in Boskinac on the Isle of Pag

For wine lovers, there’s no better option than a visit to the family-run Boskinac winery and restaurant on the beautiful and rugged little island of Pag. This island features a wonderful mix of classic Mediterranean fare, well known for its salty sheep’s cheese, plump olives, and tender lamb dishes.
Boskinac is a working winery that serves a delectable selection of their own wines and provides an innovative twist on the local cuisine. Enjoy a romantic terrace dinner overlooking the island by candlelight or in the orange glow of the setting sun.

Forest hiking on the breathtaking Mljet Island

Couple hiking in Croatia

For nature-lovers out there who want to split your romantic getaway between medieval city vistas and untouched European forests, you cannot pass over the opportunity to visit Mljet Island. This beautiful island has been lauded as one of the last perfect Mediterranean forests and a paradise on earth. The north part of the island is a pristine national park full of fragrant pines that flow all the way to the sea.
If you choose your vacation dates carefully, it will feel like you have almost the entire island to yourself as you and your beloved walk through an ancient forest like the only two people in the world. Take the rocky paths up the island to breathtaking overlook views or walk the beaches and dip your toes in the sea somewhere that no one else will find you until you’re ready to be found. Pick up maps from the park office in Pristaniste and then walk back to civilization for a lovely lunch before taking the Ferry back to Dubrovnik.

Walk Hand-in-Hand Down the Makarska Beach

Makarska is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and that’s saying something for a country with over 6,000 kilometers of amazing beaches. Though it is a tourist hotspot, the beach is almost never too crowded and the quaint seaside is dotted with amazing little bars, shops, and family-owned restaurants that will delight the senses in every way.

Beach in Croatia

While you can dine in dozens of little places your friends have never heard of and would envy if they could see, don’t forget to make a stop at the More Restaurant, the best place on the beach for king prawns, muscles, and traditional Croatian cuttlefish risotto. From there, you can stroll down the beach with your special someone to grab drinks at the Mojito Bar.

Old-World Vehicle Free Charm on the Isle of Kolocep

Another easy ferry ride from the medieval city of Dubrovnik is the tiny island of Kolocep. This island has a permanent population of only about 100 people and not a single vehicle on the entire landmass. You won’t run into droves of tourists, here, just beautiful privacy and a freshly made lavender products in the open-air market.
But what is truly amazing is the nightlife. A short walk away is the Culinarium restaurant which features a different theme every night. For the most romantic experience, time your visit with the night they fill the entire restaurant with candles and pair your dinner with the perfect wine for every dish.

Take a Private Tour Through the Diocletian Palace

Diocletian Palace

If you have ever wanted to pair an incredible historical museum with the classic romantic shopping experience, there is no substitute for Croatia’s Diocletian Palace. Explore with your beloved on a self-guided tour through the lower section of the palace to see what it looked like for hundreds of years before the modern world touched this beautiful country. You can spend hours pouring over the ornate furniture and imagining the lives that must have been led in this enormous glamorous place.
And when you’re ready to return to the modern world, visit the upper section of the palace that has been rebuilt with restaurants, cafes, and adorable boutiques that are a part of the walls themselves.

Build Your Own Croatian Romantic Getawaycroatia_couple_beach_worldvia

Of course, while there are hundreds of historical and breathtaking places to visit in Croatia, the best romantic escape is to build a unique experience with your special someone. Walk the streets, visit shops and cafes that are never written about in travel guides, and create a one-of-a-kind experience that the two of you will still be dreaming about decades from now. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to come back to Croatia every year to rekindle the passion and remember what it was once like to be in love in a Mediterranean paradise long ago.

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The Best Romantic Excursions in Brisbane, Australia

Romantic Brisbane, Australia Getaways

australian_couple_worldviaMore than just a beautiful waterfront city, Brisbane is filled with romantic escapes, unique experiences, and unforgettable sights that tend to leave travelers planning a return trip before even boarding a flight. While it’s hard to do Brisbane wrong given all that it offers, consider these can’t-miss activities and day trips if you’re headed to Brisbane in search of romance.

A getaway to breathtaking Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Feeding wild dolphins, scuba diving alongside shipwrecks, and walking the shores of one of the largest sand islands in the world are just a few of the possibilities waiting at Moreton Island, a beloved oasis just a 75-minute skip across the bay from downtown Brisbane. Moreton’s picturesque turquoise waters, secluded lagoons, and wide beaches have made the island a haven for honeymooners for years, as it’s an ideal place to unplug from the world and soak up the tranquility.
But even though Moreton has all of the features you would expect from a world-class beach destination, there’s plenty more to Brissie’s popular escape hatch. For wildlife lovers, Moreton is a particularly great place for bird-spotting and for hand-feeding bottlenose dolphins that swim almost all the way up to the shore. Between June and November, a massive humpback-whale migration brings plenty of whale watchers to Moreton’s shores, and loggerhead turtles can be found nesting between November and February.

Sunset at Moreton Island

Meanwhile, climbing up to the top of Mt. Tempest in the center of the island can be on the challenging side, but the couples who go for it will end up with sprawling views all the way from the Sunshine Coast in the north to the Gold Coast south of the city.
For couples that want to get the adrenaline pumping, a day of sand tobogganing or boarding down some of the island’s massive dunes can be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. The scuba diving and snorkeling are also renowned thanks to the colorful coral and fish beneath the famously clear water’s surface.
Those dipping beneath the water at the Tangalooma Wrecks site will get a chance to see the flurry of marine life that has spawned around the row of sunken ships off the west coast of the island. While there is an upscale resort, Moreton is also a popular place for camping as well as “glamping” for those who like a little more modern comfort with their adventures.
Thanks to regular ferries and barges that take patrons from Brisbane to the island, Moreton can be the perfect day trip or an extended stay. Those hoping to travel by car can also easily bring one across for a modest fee, making it exceptionally easy to get around the sights of Moreton Island National Park, which encompasses most of the island.

A climb to remember up Story Bridge

Story Bridge

The Brisbane cityscape tends to crystallize in your long-term memory as you scale the city’s famous Story Bridge, a marriage-proposal hot spot that offers an exhilarating urban adventure complete with arguably the best views anywhere in Australia’s capital. While those nervous about high places can simply enjoy a beautiful stroll or bike ride across the iconic cantilever bridge, more adventurous visitors can book a climbing tour up that goes about 80 meters (roughly 260 feet) above the Brisbane River. Along the way, the ingenious design of the bridge is hard to miss, but so are the stunning 360-degree views of the city that continually improve the higher you go (don’t worry, climbers are strapped to the bridge).

Story Bridge Sunset

Connecting Kangaroo Point and Fortitude Valley, Story Bridge is an essential lynchpin for many Australians in their daily lives, but it also tends to be filled with city-gazers who simply come for the sights. But instead of fighting the traffic you’ll see during the day, particularly during commuting hours, heading to Story Bridge just in advance of twilight will lead to a sensational place to watch the city lights spring to life – along with a little more room to maneuver than the peak of the day. The longest cantilever bridge in Australia and an essential staple of the city, Story Bridge is particularly beautiful while decorated for the very popular Brisbane Festival held annually in mid-to-late September.

A picnic dinner and stargazing at Mount Coot-tha Lookout

Mount _Coot-tha_worldvia
View from Mount Coot-tha

No trip to Brisbane is complete without a jaunt out to Mount Coot-tha, a terrific spot for great views, fine dining, and exploring the countryside just outside the city. The main attraction of Mount Coot-tha is the Brisbane Lookout, providing a panoramic view of the city and plenty of green space well-suited for lounging on a picnic blanket with a loved one. At the central observation deck, first-timers to Brisbane can get their bearings with an interactive map that highlight the icons of the city, making it an excellent spot to inspect early on during a Brisbane excursion.
More than just another great view of the city, however, the neighboring area is packed with bushwalks that let you follow the footsteps of the aborigines who walked the trails many years ago. The Mount Coot-tha Aboriginal Art Trail is even filled with original artwork in its natural setting, offering unique insight into the cultural roots of the area in addition to the lush scenery along the way. Pulled back from much of the city’s lights, Mount Coot-tha is also a great setting for stargazing and many bring their own telescopes to enhance the experience, although one Saturday a month there is free telescope viewing courtesy of the Brisbane Astronomical Society.

Other great spots and travel considerations

The city of Brisbane itself is a wonderland of romantic getaways, with countless waterfront restaurants, exciting shows, and urban hikes that will help you fall in love with the gem on the eastern coast of Australia. A walk or bike ride through the city’s riverwalk is a must, as it cuts right through the heart of Brisbane and can be great either for leisure or for getting from point A to point B.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens are also immaculately maintained and a sight to see, as is Roma Street Parkland, a wonderful urban park with sprawling green space, plenty of shade, and infinite possibilities for couples looking for a few hours pulled away from the hustle and bustle.
Although Brisbane can get a little toasty during the main summer months from December through February, its proximity to the sea also tends to keep temperatures moderate, making it a great option at any point of the year. At the peak of winter in June, average highs are still close to 70°F (about 20°C) without about seven full hours of sun on average, which tells you why Brisbane is very much an outdoors-oriented city. The winter months also have the least amount of rainfall. While both summer and winter tend to have plenty of visitors due to typical holiday schedules, both fall and spring are still very good travel windows despite an uptick in the possibility of rain in the forecast.

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Finding the Best Romantic Getaways in Bulgaria

Romantic Bulgaria Getaways

From colorfully unique summer festivals and outdoor adventures to spa getaways at chic adults-only locales, the options are endless within one of the formerly overlooked gems of southeastern Europe. Here are only a few of the options to consider for anyone targeting Bulgaria as the perfect romantic escape.

A variety of romantically-tinged options along the Black Sea at places like Golden Sands.

The Black Sea coast is where many couples from around the world come to spend nights of romance. In the energetic resort town of Golden Sands, romance-seekers have an assortment of options at their disposal, from secluded getaways lapped in luxury to an exciting nightclub scene that can be a perfect fit for the right couple. There are also miles of beaches featuring locally famous tiki bars, water activities, and world-class restaurants that make Golden Sands one of the most popular destinations in Bulgaria.
The many highly rated hotels and resorts cater to just about any type of couple there is, with the panoramic Black Sea views offering peerless backdrops for romance. Some of the most popular hot spots hold pool parties all summer long, befitting a great place for couples that moonlight as beach partiers. But for those looking for a more subdued experience with a loved one, there are plenty of accommodations that offer a more tranquil and intimate oasis far from the party scene.
With more than 230 miles of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, however, Golden Sands is also far from the only beach town worth considering, as other standouts like Nessebar also have plenty of great opportunities for romance. No matter what a couple considers paradise, the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is sure to have a place that fits the description.

Go rose-picking in Rose Valley.

One of the classic Bulgarian traditions is on full display each May/June outside the town of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria. Amid the warming weather of late spring, the famed Rose Valley is flush with festivals and activities as locals and visitors alike hit the countryside looking for the perfect rose. While you can link up with groups for a customary rose-picking ritual that involves traditional Bulgarian dancing and music, many couples prefer to head off on their own to hit one of the countless rose fields that dot the area, spending afternoons getting lost in colorful rows of Bulgaria’s national flower. The enormous Rose Festival Parade is also a sight to see, as locals dress up in vintage Bulgarian garb and take onlookers on a trip into the country’s national pastimes.
While nearby Kazanlak has some character of its own and is a fun place to stay during the festival season, heading a little north will take visitors to hike the Shipka Pass for some exquisite views of the mountainous region. History lovers will enjoy learning about the unique Buzludzha monument (better known as “The Spaceship”) and the battles that took place there between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, but it’s also an ideal place for romantics to escape for afternoons of fresh air and sprawling green countryside. 360-degree panoramic views from the top of Freedom Monument are one of the highlights, and couples can cap off a Shipka Pass hike by heading to a rose brewery to try local brews made from rose water.

The treasures of Bulgarian wine country.

The many vineyards of southwestern Bulgaria are a major draw for couples looking for a tranquil romantic excursion. A flourishing region once again on the rise, Bulgarian wine country has a series of great towns and small cities worth visiting, most notably places like Melnik and Plovdiv. A cozy town nearly hidden by the neighboring Pirin Mountains, Melnik is technically the smallest town in Bulgaria by population but also has a variety of great resorts and independent boutique hotels that act as stepping stones for exploring the regional vineyards.
Offering a slightly different experience, Plovdiv in the Thracian Valley is the perfect starting point for a wine tour whether you rent a car and do it all yourself or join a group heading out to the best vineyards. The second most populous city in the country, Plovdiv has a spread of great wine bars exclusively featuring local nectars, letting you enjoy one of Bulgaria’s cultural hubs in between winery visits. Widely acclaimed restaurants like the jazz-infused Vino Culture offer a world-class wine-tasting experience along with an impressive menu that will make you forget you’re in a wine bar. As a city with a true international feel, Plovdiv offers of other luxury dining experiences featuring cuisine from around eastern Europe and beyond, and it’s known for being a great walking city for visitors who prefer to use two feet whenever possible.
The wine in the area also taps directly into the recent history of Bulgaria, a country that faced a major transition at the end of the Cold War. After becoming the fourth biggest wine-producer in the world by the 1980s, Bulgaria wine had a major decline in the 1990s as vineyard ownership was shuffled, but that gave way to a major resurgence over the last two decades that has brought back the romanticism of the area. These days, travelers from around Bulgaria join plenty of international visitors who come to southwestern Bulgaria to peruse nearly 150,000 of pristine vineyard acres.

Final thoughts before planning a romantic trip to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is definitely a country where weather can be a significant factor, which is why you will want to do your research about what to expect from the region you’re targeting. Inland at places like Melnik, visitors can expect average highs in the low-to-mid 90s (°F) during the peak of the summer, which means that you’ll want to get up and get moving if you’re planning a trip in July or August. Nearby in Plovdiv, you can expect cooler weather and the same goes for the Black Sea coast, where temperatures rarely rise above 85 (°F) even during the hottest parts of the year.
Bulgaria is also well-known for being one of the most affordable European destinations, which it’s particularly attractive to couples looking to splurge a bit on high-end accommodations without the sticker-shock you would expect elsewhere. With an abundance of natural beauty and romantic possibilities all over the country, exploring Bulgaria is simply a great option for anyone looking for a unique romantic holiday.

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A Guide to the Most Romantic Getaways in Hungary

Romantic Hungary Getaways

Balancing quaint, lakeside getaways with renowned wine regions and beautiful cities that combine the medieval with the modern, Hungary is as great of a place as any other in Central Europe to stoke a little romanticism. Here are only some of the reasons why you should consider making Hungary your next destination.

A waterfront retreat to Tihany on Lake Balaton

Couples come from all over Hungary and beyond to experience the serene brilliance of Lake Balaton, which can be best experienced from the cozy little resort town of Tihany. The emerald green Lake Balaton bursts to life beneath the red roof and sterling white walls of the Benedictine Abbey, a national icon that has was founded nearly a millennium ago and rebuilt in spectacular, baroque fashion in the mid-18th century. Visitors pick their way around the town’s cobblestone streets that cozy up to the enormous lake and there are countless little locally run shops, restaurants, and cafes to inspect along the way. Many who come to Tihany also fall in love with the reed-thatched roofs of some of the buildings, particularly the museum connected to the abbey that feels lifted directly from a different century.
Romantic backgrounds are also very easy to find at the many great places to stay throughout Tihany. Along the waterfront, there are a wide variety of cozy bungalows that are ideal for any couple seeking some a little privacy while remaining connected to all the top sites in town. It’s easy to pick up a couple bikes for a leisurely ride through the exquisite countryside or to find a variety of entertainment options that cater to couples.
Couples looking for activities are also in luck, as the lake offers an enormous slate of water options great for those from all adventure levels. The popular local beach, Gödrös, is also a great place to live like a local and sprawl out for a sunny afternoon along the lake, which will typically be peppered with swimmers during the warmer months. Hungarians also tend to come to Tihany in the spring to experience the almond trees in bloom and by summer the air turns sweet with lavender, another of the region’s staples.

Finding the romance lurking in Budapest

There are terrific little romantic havens scattered all over Hungary, but sometimes it’s best not to overthink it. Budapest is a wonderland for just about any type of traveler, and that certainly holds true for anyone seeking romance from the Danube-spanning gem in central Hungary.
A natural place to start for the proverbial lovebirds would be the Szechenyi Baths, a sprawling series of indoor and outdoor pools/baths built into a century-old Neo-Baroque palace. Although daytime can be packed with other visitors (particularly families), the baths turn into an ideal place for romance once night settles in, and they’re also very conveniently located to many of the city’s other popular attractions. As a country famous for its baths, which have been a tradition since the days of Roman occupation and later the Turks, you certainly aren’t limited to the famous Szechenyi Baths either. The Rudas baths are known for their range of therapy pools and art-deco architecture that was originally built in the middle of the 16th century. A significant renovation over a decade ago brought them into the modern era.
There are all sorts of other thermal baths in Budapest that are regularly popping with couples, but there is one caveat: some baths (like Rudas) alternate between being gender-specific and co-ed, making it a good idea to check out the details on a specific bath’s website before embarking.
While the baths can certainly spark romanticism, the same goes for finding the best places to view the Danube around the city. The views from Freedom Bridge are as spectacular as advertised (especially around sunset), as visitors capture perfect glimpses of Buda and Pest’s iconic buildings hugging the Danube. Cruising down to Budapest through the Danube Bend on a river cruise is also a naturally romantic experience, although more adventurous romantic-seekers can try renting bikes and trekking along the Danube Cycle Trail for an endless carousel of tranquil picnic spots and sublime scenery just outside Budapest. While looking for a great atmosphere, visitors come to City Park for picnics and pontoon boating beneath the Vajdahunyad Castle in warmer months, although ice skating beneath a castle can also yield an unforgettable experience in the winter.
A wonderful collaboration between the old world and a modern metropolis, Budapest is also crawling with romantically-tinged accommodations. Rooftop cocktail lounges are a natural draw for couples looking to take in the cityscape, particularly in the shadow of St. Stephen’s Basilica on the eastern shores of the Danube, just across from the also-beautiful Széchenyi Chain Bridge. While you’re looking for romantic views, Fisherman’s Bastion atop Castle Hill offers a must-see glimpse of the Danube and the Houses of Parliament on the Pest side of the city.

Eger and the Tokaj wine region

Tokaj is where the wine flows like the Danube thanks to the perfect combination of soil and sunlight, making it a haven for wine lovers for centuries. Wine enthusiasts could easily spend a romantic holiday cruising the region’s 28 villages and 27,000 acres of vineyards, which specialize in producing the aszú and eszencia varietals that the region is famous for. Much like many other Eastern Bloc countries, Hungary has been back on the rise as a major wine producer since the end of the Cold War.
The region has also exploded with great places to rest up in between trips to wineries, with standouts offering chic indoor spas, saunas, and sprawling pools to keep guests entertained in between legs of a wine tour. Anyone who loves the charms of a vintage small town might also want to consider staying right in the actual town of Tokaj, where you can find plenty of authentic Hungarian food, centuries-old wine cellars, and spend afternoons kayaking atop the Tisza River.
If you can’t make it all the way out to Tokaj wine country, fear not; a trip to historic Eger can let you tap into the best flavors of Tokaj while enjoying the comforts of one of Hungary’s major (and most beautiful) cities. Not only is Eger known for its eye-catching medieval castle and surrounding fortress but it boasts many different local wineries that showcase Tojaji wine at its best. Meanwhile, the old town section filled with hidden taverns and cafes along the curvy cobblestone streets is a favorite for romantic travelers. Eger is also a natural launching point for going directly to Tokaj.

Other experiences to consider

As with any trip to a diverse and unique destination like Hungary, researching based on your own personal vision of romance is crucially important, as there are far too many great spots for romance to be compiled in a neat list of options. While some will love what Budapest and Eger offer, others could just as easily fall for the many charms of places like Tihany or Lake Hévíz, a world-renowned spa town that touts the largest thermal lake in the world. Hiking into the Alps from medieval masterpiece Sopron – another great place for wine lovers – can also yield countless great romantic experiences, as can a trip to Pécs, a delightful city known for its mild climate and outstanding architecture. Thanks to such an eclectic set of options and the countless ways to find a romantic backdrop, Hungary is a destination not to be overlooked.

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Best Romantic Getaways in Belgium

Romantic Belgium Getaways

Belgium is rich in its heritage, history, culture, art, and architecture, making it a must-visit location for any romantic tourists with a passion for anything and everything history, culture, arts, and architecture. Along with all of these amazing attractions, Belgium offers all of the traditional comforts of Western European traveling.
Belgium is a wealthy nation with a high-income economy that provides its citizens, as well as tourists and visitors, with a comfortable lifestyle. The standard of living and healthcare systems all rank “Very High” on the Human Development Index (HDI). Belgium is also ranked as one of the safest places in the world to visit, as it has a very low crime rate.
This makes Belgium the perfect romantic getaway to a Western European land where you can learn about the heritage, history, culture, art, and architecture of the area as well as enjoy a romantic, quiet get-away with your partner.
While there are many places in Belgium that are comforting, relaxing, and resort-like, there are some that stand out as particularly romantic and relaxing and are places you should definitely consider when you are looking for a romantic trip away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Stay At the De Witte Lelie in Antwerp

The De Witte Lelie is a 17th-century style gabled house and a beautiful, eclectic boutique hotel. The De Witte Lelie is conveniently located within a 10-minute walk of a variety of attractions such as the Meir shopping street and the 17th-century Rubenshuis museum, as well as a variety of other must-see attractions in the Antwerp area.
Your stay at the De Witte Lelie is guaranteed to be comfortable despite the hotel being a 17th-century style gabled house. The De Witte Lelie is full of modern amenities and conveniences that will make your stay more comfortable, including Wif, air conditioning, full laundry services, room service, and parking that is within close proximity of your hotel. A complimentary continental breakfast will help you get off to a great start each day while saving you the time, hassle, and money of having to go out to find something to eat before you start another day of romantic adventures and explore attractions throughout Antwerp.
Combining its beautiful history and modern amenities, the De Witte Lelie is a perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful, quiet, romantic getaway with your partner. Let go of all the worries of the world and spend some time exploring the beautiful, historic city of Antwerp while also appreciating the comfort and style that the De Witte Lelie provides during your stay in Belgium.

Visit Chateau D’Hassonville – Marche En Famenne

The Chateau D’Hassonville is built on what used to be the hunting grounds of Louis XIV and today is a 55-hectare acre property that is home to this beautiful, classic, palace-like hotel. The Chateau D’Hassonville is a romantic, secluded oasis where you and your partner will enjoy a peaceful, quiet getaway away from the hustle and bustle of reality and daily life. Enjoy quality time together for just the two of you.
Enjoy the Chateau D’Hassonville in style as the hotel offers a variety of modern amenities that ensure that you have a comfortable stay while also enjoying getting away. Your stay will be made more comfortable with free parking, complete laundry services, room service, complimentary Wifi, and an on-site restaurant for you and your partner to enjoy.
In addition to all of these great amenities on-site, the Chateau D’Hassonville is located within 10 miles of many other tourist attractions including Wallonie Expo, Rochefort Chateau, and the City Centre. Many outdoor activities from enjoying hot air balloon rides to Jeep Safari tours offer a variety of ways to see the area while allowing guests to appreciate the beautiful nature that Belgium has to offer, which offers an intimate experience for both you and your partner.

Enjoy a Luxurious Stay at the White Rooms in Burges

The White Rooms in Burges add a bit of a different feel to romantic getaways as they offer stylish lofts and apartments to stay in rather than just a typical hotel room. These beautiful lofts and apartments at the White Rooms are located in the beautiful, romantic city of Burges. All lofts and apartments were designed and furnished by the award-winning designer Natalie Haegerman who added a strong Flemish culture to each and every individual design. These apartments also come with all of the modern amenities you would expect at an upscale hotel/resort including complimentary Wifi, heat, air conditioning, laundry services, apartment (room) services, and plenty of available parking.
If you choose not to rent or use a vehicle while you are on your getaway, the White Rooms are close to a variety of tourist attractions for you and your partner to enjoy while on your romantic getaway. The White Rooms are close to the Burges city center where you can visit historic landmarks such as the Basilica of Holy Blood and the Groeninghe & Gruuthouse Museum that is home to artists that date back as far as 300 years.
Moreover, the city center of Burges is quite compact and close by as the entire city center is compact enough to walk around in about one hour. The concept of so many interesting things to do being within about an hour’s walk of the White Rooms at Burges apartments makes these apartments the ideal place to stay no matter what you want to experience in the town of Burges. Easy access to activities and attractions draws many people to stay in these luxurious apartments while they are on a romantic getaway trip with their partner.
No matter what your personal preferences may be when it comes to a romantic getaway with your sweetheart, Belgium is sure to please any traveler looking for history and adventure.